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God & the Five-Fold Ministry

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Good Things Happen To Me

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"My hope is that in this season of doubt and fear, you will join us in changing our mindset in what we think and what we say to expecting good things to happen in every area of our lives.

We all have the chance to react to circumstances. I have decided to make my reaction a declaration.

Good things happen to me.

I hope you will join me in looking for the good and living in his promise, because I promise it’s there."

Your Friend,

Tim Goad


Our Mission: We Give Hope


Hope is not lostG5 Church exists to share the message of Jesus Christ, who we believe represents the only Hope that can truly save.

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What We Believe

We believe that God has individually equipped us so we can successfully achieve His purpose for our lives.

We believe in the power and purpose of the Church and the coming together to grow in Him.

We believe there is one God existent in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

G5 Church exists so those who are far from God can come home, and those who are home can grow in Him.


Family Dinner

G5 likes to EAT!

We believe in the power of sharing a meal together as a family. After every gathering, we join in a family meal. 

Whether it’s brunch after our Sunday morning gathering or a late Tuesday night dinner, our G5ers pitch in and bring food to cover their crew/family to share with all! 

We want to personally invite you not only to church, but to our Family Dinner.  

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